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Oklahoma Farm Enhancement and Diversification Grant: Cooperative Marketing Loan

Oklahoma Agriculture, Food, and Forestry

Closed Indefinitely

Our sources indicate that this program is closed indefinitely and unlikely to reopen.

The Agriculture Enhancement and Diversification Program was designed to develop or improve uses for agricultural products, expand the state’s production of value-added products and to encourage diversified farming. The program provides funds in the form of grants or 0% interest loans. Proposals must clearly demonstrate the ability to directly benefit Oklahoma farmers and ranchers through the creation of new revenue streams.

Deadline dates for submissions are January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st or the next regular business day if the Department offices are closed on the deadline date.

Cooperative Marketing Loan

  • Projects should promote productivity, provide added value to agricultural products, stimulate agricultural diversification and encourage processing innovations in agricultural products. A cooperative agreement, formal or informal, between entities or individuals is required to ensure proper accountability for the project.  


  • Monies from this loan may be used by a group of individuals or an individual on behalf of a group to organize a cooperative for the purpose of marketing a product or to formulate or implement a marketing plan if the cooperative is already in place. 

  • The principals in the organization should be individuals rather than a previously existing corporation and those individuals must have some type of cooperative agreement between themselves that will ensure proper accountability for the proposed plan. This may be a formal or informal agreement, but proof of an agreement must exist. 

  • Individuals are encouraged to seek marketing partners within the state of Oklahoma.

  • The Board is looking for applications that provide an outlet for products that normally have not been marketed through an existing marketing cooperative. A sound marketing plan for the specific crop, livestock or on-farm value-added processing should be included in the proposal. 


  • The Board recommends that the persons applying for this loan work with a professional (legal, agricultural or economic development specialist) who will serve as an advisor. Consulting fees may be included in the application budget.  

  • Each application will be considered on an individual basis and on its own merits. A 15 minute oral presentation to the Board is required. The Board reserves the right to reject any loan application.

Application Instructions

  1. Complete the Application

  2. Applications, including all supplements, should be limited to twenty (20) pages. Promotional materials or unrelated materials are discouraged. The supplements to be completed by the applicant are attached as follows:

    1. Supplement A – Statement of Potential Funding Sources

    2. Supplement B – Project Budget

  3. A copy of the proposal must be

    1. emailed to or

    2. Three (3) copies of the proposal must be delivered or mailed to the Board at:

Oklahoma Agriculture Enhancement and Diversification Program

Jason Harvey

P.O. Box 528804

Oklahoma City, OK 73152


Financial Instrument


Maximum Award Amount


Updated March 27, 2024

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