About Ambrook

Ambrook’s mission is to make sustainability profitable in natural resource industries. We are starting in agriculture – building accounting and financial tools for farms.

Meet the team

Mackenzie Burnett

Co-Founder, CEO

Mackenzie comes from a USDA family, and cares deeply about the financial and environmental security of agricultural producers. She has prior experience working in community nonprofits, water asset management and open source software infrastructure. She holds an M.A. in international policy and climate security from Stanford University, and a B.A. in government and politics from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Jeff Anders

Co-Founder, Design

Jeff is passionate about using design and technology to make an impact on climate change. He previously led design at Scale AI and worked on design teams at Meta, Minimill, Autodesk, and Venmo. Jeff lives in Denver, Colorado and has a B.S. in Product Design & Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Dan Schlosser

Co-Founder, Engineering

Dan has spent his career building products in organizations of all sizes, from large companies like Google and The New York Times to small startups and nonprofits like Covid Act Now and The Next 50. With farmers and health professionals in his family, Dan is motivated by work that empowers people and businesses. He graduated from Columbia University with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Music.

John Slinkman


John joined Ambrook because he believes that farm profitability is intrinsically linked to environmental justice and sustainability. He brings a wealth of experience building software and software teams for companies ranging from early stage startups to major government contractors. He holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and Bachelors in Economics from the University of Virginia.

Brian Shin


Brian is a technologist who enjoys applying his engineering skills to real world problems. Prior to joining Ambrook, he worked at Butterfly Network and Facebook building iOS and Android applications. Brian has a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University.

Ali Aas


Ali is a multidisciplinary designer passionate about the intersection of technology and the environment. She served as a Creative Director at Upstatement where she worked on award-winning projects including Grist and The Arnold Arboretum. Ali believes design can be a steward for sustainability and is eager to help farmers thrive in the face of a changing climate.

Dylan Hoang


Dylan is deeply passionate about building altruistic software and is excited about Ambrook's role in addressing the climate crisis. He has previously developed applications at Bloomberg and Verily. Dylan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from UCLA.

Maika Koehl

Business Operations

Maika has spent her career untangling problems across the food supply chain. Most recently, she led operations at Vori, a startup building software for independent grocers. Prior to that she launched and scaled Uber’s freight marketplace globally. Maika is driven by a strong belief that everyone in these foundational industries - farmers, grocers, and truckers included - deserve tools that improve their lives.

Jesse Hirsch

Editor, Ambrook Research

Jesse has spent more than a decade in journalism, focused primarily on food and agriculture. He has toggled between writing and editing over the years, most recently working as managing editor of the award-winning media outlet The Counter. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, Bon Appétit, Eater, and many other outlets. Jesse believes there is a broad, untapped audience for smart coverage of farming and food production.

Landon Frye

Sales & Partnerships

Landon is devoted to working at the intersection of technology and agriculture and focuses on bringing solutions to farmers to keep the family farm rolling onto the next generation. He grew up on a corn, soy, and popcorn farm in Mason County, Illinois. Before joining the Ambrook team he helped bring Granular and AcreValue ag-tech products to the market and formerly served as a loan officer in the Farm Credit system. He graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Agricultural Economics and lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Danny Garcia


Danny has been building web products, services, and applications for over a decade. He is passionate about using technology to solve real world problems. Before joining Ambrook, Danny worked as a frontend engineer at Stripe and Apple.

Eric Jasinski

Product Operations

Eric has spent much of his career working with farmers in a combination of financial and business operations roles. He’s continuing this work at Ambrook, contributing to both profitability and sustainability in the agriculture sector. Eric graduated from Wesleyan University where he studied Economics and Film.

Paige Wyler

Product Operations

Paige first developed a love for local food in her home state of Vermont, visiting the farmers market weekly for as long as she can remember. She is passionate about technologies that help make sustainable practices profitable - she spent 2 years on Indigo Ag's Innovation team and most recently worked at Mineral, Google's moonshot in agriculture. Paige holds an MBA and an M.S. in Operations Research from MIT and a B.A. in Applied Math-Economics from Brown and currently lives in the Bay Area.

Experience from agriculture, tech, and policy

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