Cover photo for Farmers for Soil Health Climate-Smart Commodities Partnership

Farmers for Soil Health Climate-Smart Commodities Partnership

National Fish and Wildlife,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

This project proposes to accelerate long-term cover crop adoption by creating a platform to incentivize farmers. The platform will quantify, verify, and facilitate the sale of ecosystem benefits, creating a marketplace to generate demand for climate-smart commodities.

This project plans to support the implementation of more than 1 million acres of crop crops across 20 states. It also plans to enable corn and soybean commodity groups to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction goals while supporting their farmer members and advancing more productive and sustainable practices, using remote sensing, satellite imagery and other data science techniques while “ground-truthing” with a statistically significant set of soil samples from participating fields and a marketplace interface powered by an integrated monitoring, reporting and verification platform.

The project includes a 20 percent reserve for underserved producers and a survey plan to assist with recruitment.


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Updated December 21, 2023

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