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Engaging Family Forests to Improve Climate-Smart Commodities (EFFICACI)

American Forest Foundation,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

This project will address the relationship between family forest owners, the forest products industry, and broader climate goals across the eastern US. The goal is to build a region-wide climate-smart commodity (CSC) forest program that leverages the field-tested Family Forest Carbon Program, an engaged and trusted landowner network, and advanced digital forestry tools to engage traditional and underserved partners and advance the production and marketing of CSC forest products.

The project plans to work with Center for Heirs' Property Preservation and Women Owning Woodlands to increase the participation of underserved minority and women forest owners in climate-smart practices, dedicating five workshops for these two groups. Through the grant period, the project anticipates engaging 450 underserved landowners in South Carolina and at least 400 more in additional states.

During the term of the grant, AFF and its partners plan to market the resulting, third-party verified climate benefits from participating properties not as carbon credits, but as climate benefits associated with wood products.



Must have:

  • Forested property in ME, NH, VT, NY or central and western MA.

  • Own 30 or more acres of non-planted, naturally regenerating trees on your property.

  • HAve the legal right to hravest on your land.

  • Be able to commit to a 20-year agreement.

Check eligibility using their interactive map.


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Updated December 21, 2023

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