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Climate-Smart Farming and Marketing

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Engaging in Community-Science and Practice from Maine to South Carolina

The Climate-Smart Farming & Marketing program offers financial support and tehcnial assistance for farmers who want to implement climate-smart practices such as agroforestry, cover cropping, prescribed grazing, and reduced tillage.

Farmer participants will help measure the environmental benefits of these practices and get marketing support to share findings with customers and open up new markets for climate-smart commodities.


The program will serve over 2,000 farmers across the Northeast and Eastern Seaboard. Eligibility includes that you:

  • Be willing to establish a farm record with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and share your farm, tract, and field numbers with Pasa and partnering organizations

  • Certify that you are not a foreign person or entity


Program participation includes the following:

  • Technical assistance providers will work with you to create a plan tailored to your farm's environmental and business goals.

  • You'll get financial support for implementation, which includes upfront payments and annual stipends to support data collection needs.

  • As a farmer researcher, you'll collect data to gain insights about your farm's soil health, water quality, carbon resilience, and other metrics.

  • You can join a peer-to-peer learning community with other farmers working to improve their farm's climate resilience and bottom line.

  • We'll offer marketing support to help you share your climate impact story and communicate research findings to your customers.

Application Instructions

Take the Application Survey (typically this will take 10-15 minutes) to express interest and establish program eligibility.


Financial Instrument


Total Program Funding


Updated January 30, 2024

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