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Understand your per-enterprise profitability, discover and track sustainable practices, and streamline your bookkeeping, all in one easy-to-use platform that's tailored to your operations.

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Save time in the office so you can spend it in the field

Funding Program Tracking

Discover, apply for, and track funding programs that invest in your operation and your sustainable practices.

Simple Bookkeeping

Accounting software designed for
graziers with no-fuss workflows and
a personalized chart of accounts that matches how you see your business.

Enterprise Profitability

Multi-enterprise out of the box. Easily track where you are making and losing money. Use enterprise-level P&Ls to make informed operational decisions.

Featured Customers

Sustainable operators across America manage their finances with Ambrook

Vermont · Diversified

Bread & Butter Farm

Corie Pierce leads Bread & Butter Farm, a 600-acre diversified operation that's the soul of her Vermont community.

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California · Produce

Spade & Plow

Sam & Nick Thorp are one of California's most trusted and affordable growers of organic certified fruits and vegetables.

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Arizona · Livestock

WhiteBarn Hay & Cattle

Third-generation Arizona farmers, Candice & Jason Barnard, run the premier sustainable beef operation in the southwest.

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Washington · Dairy & Creamery

Fantello Farmstead Creamery

Paul Fantello transforms milk from his herd of Jersey cows into Alpine-inspired cheeses using his grandmother's milking parlor.

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"We've always prioritized empowering our enterprise managers, but it was tough when each manager had their own system and budget. It took so much time to merge data across different sources and then fix errors in order to be able to trust our numbers. Now on Ambrook, all our financials are in one place and one format, making it easy and fast to get accurate data so our managers can focus on leading their teams confidently."

Brandon Bless

Animal & Land Manager

Bread & Butter Farm

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