Customer Story

How Ambrook helps Spade & Plow navigate growth with bookkeeping for everyday, not just tax day


Founded in 2015 by Sam & Nick Thorp
Founded in 2015


100 acres in
 Gilroy, California


Chickens, Vegetables, Cut Flowers,
Value‑Added Processing

Outgrowing their financial processes

At the onset of the pandemic, Spade & Plow’s CSA enrollment grew from 250 shares to 500 over the course of a week. With sales doubling, Sam Thorp (Co-founder), jumped into the packing line to help get orders out the door. Spade & Plow had grown their team by 25% during that period to meet demand, but even with the extra hands there still wasn’t enough time left in the day for Sam and his team to configure QuickBooks to support their shifting needs.

“We were in survival mode. It was fight or flight. Can we fulfill this? How can we streamline our processes? Growth is great, but it’s expensive. Quickbooks is made for everyone and anyone. We needed something that spoke our language.”

Sam was able to scale his team, production, and business, but the near-overnight transformation made it apparent that their stagnant, hard-to-use QuickBooks system took in a lot of data, but gave little in return. They needed something simpler and smarter.

Ambrook visited Spade & Plow’s farm in California

The Solution

An all-in-one bookkeeping solution that makes staying on top of your bookkeeping painless and fruitful. Ambrook has everything you need in one place — live transaction data, invoicing, and bill pay. It’s a clean, easy-to-use, modern platform. It’s also built not just for farming, but for your specific business. Upon onboarding, Ambrook built a Chart of Accounts tailored to Spade & Plow’s operation.

Build a custom Chart of Accounts in Ambrook that matches your business and rolls up to Schedule F.

Ambrook simplified the bookkeeping side for Spade & Plow, which in turn unlocked robust, live analytics that are powered by the ledger. Now Sam and his team can review the health of their business whenever they want.

“Ambrook has been so supportive in building a system that will work for us. The big picture snapshot is really helpful. It’s quick, accurate, and timely, which is what we need because in ag things move quickly.”

Sam Thorp

With Ambrook, Sam and his team have found a solution that’s as agile as their team. And while Ambrook is simple to use, it’s robust enough to scale with Spade & Plow as they continue to grow their operation now and in the future.