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How WhiteBarn Hay & Cattle is building their generational business on Ambrook


Founded in 2004 by Candice & Jason Barnard
Founded in 2004


1,000 acres in
 Portal, AZ


Beef, Hay, Alfalfa, Feed

Finding the tools of the future

Jason and Candice Barnard’s families moved to Arizona to work the land over 70 years ago. Three generations later, Jason and Candice started their own operation — a ranch known for its sustainably-raised American wagyu beef. In the past few years, sales of their retail beef have increased and they’ve begun to ship their products farther afield as demand and visibility have grown. To continue the trajectory and longevity of their family operation, Candice and Jason began to seek out new, agriculturally-minded business tools. Their commitment to sustaining their family farm led them to Legacy Farmer, a business program for legacy building, but they still needed a tool to solve their everyday finance needs. As the primary bookkeeper for their operation, Candice wanted an empowering, farm-friendly software that would simplify her day-to-day finance and bookkeeping tasks. Candice knew QuickBooks wasn’t the tool for the next year, let alone the next generation.

“I’m in the books day-in and day-out and I just knew it needed to be easier for me.”

Confidence through support

After joining Ambrook, Candice and Jason embarked on a major financial project — splitting up their single operation into various LLCs. Had they undertaken this work before moving onto Ambrook, the effort to break up their business inside of QuickBooks would have been daunting.

“Ambrook being there for this transition has taken a lot of work and a lot of stress off of me because I’ve got a good team behind me. I’ll say ‘this is what I need, is it possible, or what can be done here’ and usually within a couple hours it seems like the Ambrook team has a fix for it.”

Candice Barnard

Throughout this period of change, Ambrook has been there to help Jason and Candice — ensuring that their setup is both accurate and informative. For Candice, the combination of a dedicated support partner paired with user-friendly workflows is what makes Ambrook worth it. She can accomplish her day-to-day tasks with ease knowing she’ll be supported by Ambrook through more complex challenges.

“My most favorite feature is the tagging experience that includes information to help you know where to put an expense or income. And then to look at the analytics and see that's not quite what I wanted, and adjust. And so it's also a tool for finding out if you made an error; it’s almost like an accountability partner.”

On Ambrook, there’s no more guesswork that leads to re-work, Candice has the guide rails she needs to be successful and with guidance and support comes confidence in her work and the gift of time back that can be better spent planning for growth and longevity.

Bring all hands on deck with Ambrook.

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