Introducing Funding Tags

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By Atticus Graven

Oct 17, 2022

One of Ambrook’s original offerings is our Farm Funding Library, a resource that helps producers easily find and apply for funding. Today, we are excited to support one step further in this common workflow with Funding Tags, designed to make the steps after applying and receiving funding easy to manage.

After receiving a grant or loan, it’s critical to organize documentation of what you put that money towards. Similar to the enterprise and entity tags already in Ambrook’s bookkeeping system, funding tags are an additional layer on transactions that make it easy to retrieve that list of transactions for easy reporting, reimbursements, and compliance. Manage all your active funding programs in one place on the Funding tab in the Ambrook app.

Tags can be connected to the programs we already catalog in our Funding Library, or you can create your own with personalized details set between you and your lender. Our library is always expanding and updated weekly – you can always request a program to add here.

Ambrook’s goal is to save you time in the office, so like everything else in our bookkeeping tool, you can automate the collection of these expenses. Just set it and forget it!

Have questions? Want us to help you set up your tags or automations? Just want to talk about funding opportunities? We want to hear from you! Reply to this email or call us anytime at (303) 554-6845.

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Photo of Atticus Graven

Atticus Graven

Atticus has a Masters in Agricultural and Resource Economics from UC Davis. Prior to joining Ambrook, he spent 6 years with The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission teasing out intent and incentives from transactional data in the US organized energy markets. Now, Atticus has returned to his true passion—supporting farmers to feed the world in a sustainable, non-exploitative way that reconnects us all to the food we eat. Follow him on Twitter @AtticusGraven.

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