Importing QuickBooks and More Bookkeeping Improvements

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By Jeff Anders

Mar 21, 2022

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are excited to share this product update of new bookkeeping features you can try today in the Ambrook app!

You can always reply to this email or give us a call at (303) 554-6845 to discuss how we can help your operation.

QuickBooks Import

Our most requested feature has been a way to move from QuickBooks Online to Ambrook. This new integration enables you to import your entire history and chart of accounts! Soon this will be available in app, but today you email us and our team will get you set up.


You asked for the ability to break transactions into parts to categorize them accurately. Now you can press the new “Itemize” button from the transaction sheet to add line items.

Funding Tab

We know access to funding is still a big concern for producers in today’s market. Talk to our funding advisors whenever you need support on USDA grants, loan preparation, and more. The new Funding tab is just a tap away!

Ambrook Research

We redesigned our Ambrook Research publication to bring you the latest data-driven stories from modern agriculture. See our latest reporting on Ukraine, CRP, urban farming, and more at

Download our latest iOS app or Android app to try all the latest tools for your operation. If you haven’t set up your account yet, email us to set up your onboarding call with our team!

Thanks so much!

- Ambrook team

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Photo of Jeff Anders

Jeff Anders

Jeff is Co-Founder at Ambrook, where he leads design. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Emily and daughter Nellie. He loves to be in the great outdoors or on roller coasters. Jeff previously worked at Scale AI, Meta, Autodesk, and Venmo. He originally hails from Maryland, where he attended UMD for Product Design & Engineering.

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