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Northeast SARE Farmer Grant Program

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Closed October 1, 2023

Farmer Grants are for commercial producers who have an innovative idea they want to test using a field trial, on-farm demonstration, marketing initiative, or other technique.

Farmer Grant projects should seek new knowledge other farmers can use and address questions that are directly linked to improved profits, better stewardship, and stronger rural communities.


You must be a farm business owner or manager in the Northeast SARE region. It is not necessary that you farm full time, but the primary activity of your farm must be to produce and sell agricultural products. There is a limit of one application per farm per year.

For the purposes of Northeast SARE grants, a farm is defined as a commercial operation with an established farm income of at least $1,000* from the regular harvest and sale of crop, nursery, livestock, or aquaculture products. Common examples are grain, fruit, vegetable, dairy, and livestock operations.


This grant program is not meant to help start or expand farm businesses. Farmer Grant funds cannot be used for capital costs associated with building a barn, greenhouse, or other major farm fixture, nor can funds be used to start a farm, purchase durable equipment like tractors or computers, or for any utility, telephone, or other costs that would be there in the absence of the project.

Farmer Grant recipients are expected to collect and manage reliable data about their project and convey this information clearly through annual and final reports. Learn more about Managing Farmer Grants here.

Application Instructions

Proposals are submitted online at:

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October 1, 2023

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Updated March 22, 2024

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