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Building Soil, Building Equity

Accelerating Appalachia,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Closed December 1, 2023

Accelerating a Regenerative Farming Movement in Appalachia and the Southeast

This project seeks to build climate-smart markets and sequester carbon over thousands of acres of Appalachian and rural southeastern land through strategic recruitment from networks of producers. The project will use education, outreach, technical assistance, and incentivizing producers to adopt climate-smart agriculture.


These NRCS practices are applicable to the following commodities: beef, livestock, cotton, fruits, pork, row crops, specialty crops and wool.

  • 328: Conservation Crop Rotations – $75/acre

  • 340: Cover Crops – $75/acre

  • 345: Reduced Tillage – $75/acre

  • 528: Grazing and pastures – $300/acre

  • 386: Field Borders – $400/acre

  • 422: Hedgerow Plantings – $400/acre

  • 379: Forest Farming – $400/acre

  • 381: Silvopasture – $1000/acre

  • 391: Riparian Buffers – $1000/acre

  • 311: Alley Cropping – $1000/acre

  • 612: Tree & Shrub est – $1000/acre

  • 645: Habitat management – $1000/acre

*Incentives range depending on practices adopted/implemented, with increased incentives for agroforestry due not only to the additional expense, but the significant increase in drawdown and long term soil health benefits.




December 1, 2023

Financial Instrument


Total Program Funding


Updated December 21, 2023

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