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By Jeff Anders & Dan Schlosser

May 20, 2022

Happy Friday! We’re excited to share our latest round of features you can try today in the Ambrook app. Our team is always available at 303-554-6845 or for feedback and questions!

Sharing the Ambrook story

This week, we released a couple items in hopes of sharing Ambrook’s mission and work with a broader audience. You can see more in this feature video and in this letter by our CEO, Mackenzie. These pieces share more of our philosophy for how and why we’re working with producers – we hope you’ll check them out!

Automate away your menial tasks

Ambrook includes time-saving Automations (formerly called Rules) that allow you to automatically tag transactions with similar descriptions instead of handling each individually. Today, we’re launching a new version of Automations that make it easier to create and manage these rules, with a pop-up suggestion after you tag and a full list view in your account.

Navigate clearly on your computer

To create more space for your transactions and charts on laptops and PCs, we’ve redesigned the desktop layout from the ground up! This new interface features an improved navigation sidebar where you can access your Dashboard, Wallet, Transactions, Funding, and Account.

About Ambrook

Ambrook’s mission is to help farmers be more profitable and sustainable. In our pilot program, we offer easy-to-use finance software with bookkeeping tools and spending cards that save you time and money.

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Photo of Jeff Anders

Jeff Anders

Jeff is Co-Founder at Ambrook, where he leads design. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and two kids. Jeff previously worked at Scale AI, Meta, Autodesk, and Venmo. He originally hails from Maryland, where he attended UMD for Product Design & Engineering.

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Dan Schlosser

Dan Schlosser is Ambrook’s cofounder and CTO. He has spent his career building products in organizations of all sizes, from large companies like Google and The New York Times to small startups and nonprofits like Covid Act Now and The Next 50. With farmers and health professionals in his family, Dan is motivated by work that empowers people and businesses. He graduated from Columbia University with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Music.

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