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Soil and Water Outcomes Fund

Iowa Soybean Association

The Soil and Water Outcomes Fund provides direct financial incentives to farmers who introduce new conservation practices that yield environmental benefits such as carbon sequestration and water quality improvements. Experienced staff provides hands-on support to farmers during the enrollment, practice implementation, and monitoring and verification phases.


To qualify for enrollment, your field must be in an eligible county, you must be willing to adopt at least one new conservation practice, your field must be HEL and Wetlands compliant, and you must create an account through our website to enter past and proposed practice information and field boundaries. Eligible geographies include the 16 states listed and are growing. Please visit the website to view the most current map of eligible locations.


Farmer contracts have one-year terms. The decision to re-enroll in subsequent years lies with you. Payment estimates are provided prior to contract signing. Once a contract is signed, payments are made in two installments: 50% is paid prior to verification, and 50% is paid afterward. The final payment is guaranteed to farmers as long as they implement the conservation practices outlined in the contract. As an independent program, we don’t require farmers to have any other type of customer relationship with us.

Application Instructions

Use this link to apply.



Financial Instrument

Cost Share, Easement

Updated April 1, 2024

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