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Re-Grow PR Urban-Rural Agriculture Program

Puerto Rico Department of Housing

Closed Indefinitely

Our sources indicate that this program is closed indefinitely and unlikely to reopen.

PRDOH realizes that small and medium agricultural businesses need both monetary aid as well as access to essential services and resources. PRDOH will work with the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust (PRSTRT) as a sub-recipient, who will be responsible for the disbursement of grants and provide technical assistance to small and medium agricultural businesses.

In addition to providing grants, the Program will provide a wide range of technical assistance activities throughout the agricultural sector, giving farmers access to essential services and resources. Technical assistance aims to build additional capacity in organizations and agencies that strengthen the size of the agricultural sector in Puerto Rico’s economy.


Small and medium agricultural businesses are eligible for this program. Agricultural businesses engaged in food production will be prioritized. Other non-food producing entities will be considered as funds are available.

Eligible entities can be existing, re-starting or starting-up and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Small and medium agricultural businesses with gross receipts of less than $350,000 a year

  • Small and medium agribusinesses that support the activities and production of small farm and farmers.

  • Small and medium food producers, manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers engaged in local food production or distribution.

  • Community based organizations involved in food production or distribution.

  • Agricultural microenterprises (5 employees or less).


HUD requires PRDOH, as the Grantee, to monitor progress of all Subrecipients and Partners to ensure compliance with applicable Federal Requirements and to determine if performance expectations are being achieved. Monitoring is not limited to a one-time event but is rather an ongoing process that assesses the quality of CDBG-DR funded program performance over the life of the Subrecipient Agreement and involves continuous communication and evaluation. To meet this requirement, Subrecipients will provide PRDOH a Monthly Progress Report on the implementation of the Program on a monthly basis. Subrecipients will report to PRDOH as stipulated in each CDBG-DR Agreement. All information reported will be available, as part of PRDOH’s Quarterly Performance Reports (QPRs) in English and Spanish on the CDBG-DR website.



April 16, 2022

Financial Instrument


Minimum Award Amount


Maximum Award Amount


Updated March 22, 2024

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