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Prairie View A&M Urban Agriculture Programs

Prairie View A&M University

The fast-growing urban agriculture phenomena has sparked hope in cities, communities, and suburban locations across the country. This excitement has reproduced many forms of agriculture projects in urban communities including urban farms, community gardens, hydroponics, etc. As a result, urban agriculture is providing so many community benefits in food insecure communities as well as urban communities everywhere. This program provides education to urban as well as rural communities on various urban agriculture farming.


  • Agribusiness Planning

  • Topics: Business Plan Creation, Marketing, Licensing, Laws, Formation, Budgeting

  • Starting Farmers Market

  • Topics: Certifications and Licenses, Food Safety, Vendors, Market Manager, Operating Procedures

  • Community and School Garden

  • Topics: How to start a garden Guide. Build a team, Site selection, Designing, planting chart, Managing chart

  • Backyard/ Pasture Poultry

  • Topics: Poultry Health, Feeding, Coop design, Raising Broilers, Raising Layers, Free Ranging, County/ City Laws, Marketing Poultry Products, Poultry Waste

  • Aquaponics/ Hydroponics Development

  • Topics: Types of Systems, Systems management, Marketing Aquaponics/ Hydroponics, Water/Nutrient Testing, Safety, Aqua-Culture, lighting

  • Roof top Farming

  • Topics: Installation, Production Yield calculator, Water catchment, Types of systems, Permitting

  • Greenhouse/High Tunnel Urban Farm

  • Topics: Construction, Maintenance, Styles of Greenhouses, Heating/Cooling, USDA High Tunnel Program Info

  • Pollinator Gardens

  • Topics: Alternative Pollinators, Types of Pollinators, Introduction to Pollinators

Updated April 23, 2024

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