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Marbleseed Farmer-to-Farmer Mentorship Program


Closed December 10, 2023

The Marbleseed mentorship program empowers organic farmers through one-on-one guidance as they grow their business, seek organic certification, add farm enterprises, hone production skills, balance farm and family, and more.

Beginning in January, mentors and mentees work together to set goals for the mentorship year and build a communication system tailored for their individual needs and preferences. Unlike many internship programs, the mentored farmer is not required to help on the mentor’s farm. Instead, the mentor visits the mentored farmer at least once during the year and is available to communicate and answer questions via phone and email.

Mentored farmers pay $350 to participate in the program, which includes admission to two Marbleseed conferences ($600 value). 75%, or up to $200 per year, of the fee can be reimbursed by FSA for certified organic or transitioning producers through the Organic and Transitional Education and Certification Program (OTECP).


Mentored Farmers

Applicants must have been operating their farm business for at least one year prior to application date. We have found that farmers at this stage have more experience with basic farming issues and know where they need guidance. 


The Marbleseed team matches experienced farmer mentors with a mentee, paired by specialty and proximity to each other’s farms. Mentors receive a stipend for sharing their time and knowledge with a mentee. Additional requirements are listed on the application form.

Application Instructions

To be paired with a farmer for mentorship, apply online using this portal.

To apply to be a mentor, apply online using this portal.



December 10, 2023



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Updated March 26, 2024

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