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Highly Fractionated Indian Land Loan Program

Farm Service Agency

The Highly Fractionated Indian Land Loan Program helps Tribes, Tribal entities, and Tribal members alleviate the problems caused by fractionated interests on tribal lands. Through land consolidation, current and new agricultural operations can improve and expand access to USDA programs, increase agricultural productivity, and save Tribal farmland for future generations. This loan program is financed through revolving loan funds from the Agency and serviced through the approved intermediary lender, Native American Community Development Corporation Financial Services, Inc.

In addition, all other FSA farm loan programs are available for individual Tribal member use.


An ultimate recipient is a Native American tribe, tribal entity, or a member of either that receives a loan from an intermediary lender's HFIL revolving fund. To receive a loan from the intermediary, they must:

  • Comply with highly erodible land conservation and wetland conservation requirements on all their land;

  • Agree to continue to use the land for agricultural purposes during the term of the loan;

  • Agree to comply with the requirements of the intermediary lender;

  • Funds may be used to pay costs incidental to land acquisition, including, but not limited to, title clearance, legal services, archeological or land surveys, and loan closing;

  • May be used to pay for costs of an appraisal conducted for this loan; and

  • Be able to purchase fractionated interests resulting in at least 51 percent ownership.

Application Instructions

Follow the instructions to complete the FSA-2620 form. Submit the finished form to your local FSA office. At that time, you may be asked to complete additional FSA forms.


Financial Instrument


Updated March 22, 2024

Image Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture

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