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Climate Beneficial Fiber

National Center for Appropriate Technology,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Building New, Accessible, and Equitable Market Opportunities for Climate-Smart Cotton and Wool

This project will expand the existing Climate Beneficial™ fiber program: a system for sequestering carbon, regenerating soil health and resilience, improving social equity, and bolstering America's ability to produce climate-smart fiber. A newly created, open-source, Carbon Farm Planning and Verification Platform will streamline climate-smart agriculture planning and verification for producers, verifiers, and supply chain stakeholders.

The project plans to have a trained Planner monitor implementation, ensuring that practices are implemented in accordance with practice standard criteria linked to the COMET tools. A Portal database architecture is planned to allow for anticipated and realized GHG benefits to be queried by project, region, commodity, or dollar expended, allowing these data to be aggregated and analyzed at various scales.

Within each fiber commodity and region, the project plans to help producers negotiate a price premium that provides enhanced commodity value for Climate Beneficial fiber while building stronger and more resilient direct market relationships. Our approach is informed by market pricing thresholds and production costs that include the price of Carbon Farm Planning and implementation.


Updated December 21, 2023

Image Credit: Pixabay

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