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Black Farmer Fund

Black Farmer Fund


Black Farmer Fund (BFF) is an emerging community investment fund that invests in black food systems entrepreneurs in New York State. Beyond making investments in these communities, we also emphasize building financial education and investment literacy and active involvement of the community when discussing and creating financing options.

Our Vision

Our vision is a thriving, resilient food economy in which the consumers and producers of this black food ecosystem participate as community wealth builders, to repair black communities’ relationship to food and land.  Achieving this vision requires that Black farmers and food business owners benefit equitably from financing, intellectual capital, technical assistance, networking, and public policies.


Our impact is two sided and this approach is necessary to create a racially just, regenerative, regional food system!

  • For Black farmers, vendors, food distributors, caterers, restaurant owners, composters, and other food business actors, we will provide non-extractive blended capital financing that suits their needs and their current reality. Community wealth building is key to our mission and we also provide opportunities to facilitate learning exchanges with our community members and finance experts to expand their knowledge base around financial tools.

  • For social impact investors, we provide a means to support and strengthen the economic infrastructure of Black food businesses and build community power and community wealth building.

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Black Farmer Fund

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