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Customer Story

Bread & Butter Farm

600+ acres · Shelburne, VT

We've always prioritized empowering our enterprise managers, but it was tough when each manager had their own system and budget. It took so much time to merge data across different sources and then fix errors in order to be able to trust our numbers. Now on Ambrook, all our financials are in one place and one format, making it easy and fast to get accurate data so our managers can focus on leading their teams confidently.

Brandon Bless

Land & Animal Manager


Corie Pierce & Chris Dorman Founded in 2009


600+ acres in Shelburne, VT


CSA, Animals, Vegetables, Farm Store, Events, Education

Customer Story

JG Livestock

275 acres · Madison, VA

Now, if I have downtime, I pull out my phone and just start tagging expenses. I can say this was a feed expense and it was tied to the Stocker enterprise and all of a sudden I can start doing managerial accounting looking at each enterprise and determining which is the most profitable. And I can do it out in the field.

Jacob Gilley



Jacob Gilley in Madison, VA


275 acres, owned & leased

Operation Type

Diversified Livestock

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