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Washington State Organic and Sustainable Farming Fund (SOSFF)

Tilth Alliance

Closed February 21, 2021


Tilth Alliance will be accepting applications by farmers seeking financial assistance to support projects that will improve the economic viability, social impacts, or environmental sustainability of their farm businesses. The goal of this grant program is to enhance the operations of farmers practicing responsible and progressive methods such as sustainable soil management, crop diversification, habitat preservation, climate change mitigation and environmentally-safe waste management practices.  

Grant funds are available for projects that will improve environmental, sustainable, social and economic impacts to farm businesses, through actions that will create a new revenue stream, improve quality of life, improve operations, or increase sustainability.

Applicants will be notified by March 30, 2021 of the award. Awarded funds will be transferred to the grantee after the grantee signs an award agreement and submits a W-9 form. Funds are expected to be distributed by April 22, 2021.


This grant program is a single year grant, running May-January. At this time, multi-year grants are not available. Note that an individual farm business is not eligible to receive more than $20,000 over a five-year period. This grant program is open to all Washington State farmers who:

  • Currently employ or are adopting practices that follow regenerative, sustainable, and/or organic principles (this includes conventional farms that are transitioning into organic, sustainable, or regenerative production). 

  • Have been in business for at least two years.

  • Are seeking to improve and/or expand their operation, improve environmental impacts, or become a more sustainable business. 


  • Projects that enhance and measure carbon sequestration, restore soil health, utilize cover crops, preserve and create habitats, increase biodiversity, and employ environmentally safe waste management practices. 

  • Conventional farmers who want to transition to organic, sustainable, or regenerative practices. 

  • Projects that involve resource sharing and community impact (i.e. Can more than one farm benefit from the project?, Will you be able to share research, knowledge, and resources acquired through the grant with others?)

  • Previous grantees are eligible to apply but priority will be given to new applicants (see eligibility requirements above). 


Unless other arrangements have been made, grant recipients are required to provide a project final report by March 15, 2022. Evaluation involves analyzing whether the original project objectives were met.

The specific format for reports will be shared with grant recipients in January 2022. In general, however, preparation of a final report should require no more than two hours, and the report should include the following:

  • Details on how funds were spent as well as actual cost of the project vs. original budget in the form of a formal expenditure verification

  • Project challenges and successes from the recipient’s perspective

  • Completed questionnaire, narrative about how the grant has furthered your operation and general bio of farm


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