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Western SARE Research to Grassroots Grant

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Opens May 3, 2024

The Western SARE Research to Grassroots grant program is intended to address the barrier(s) to application/adoption of sustainable agriculture practices as identified in previous SARE research by clearly demonstrating to agriculture professionals and/or producers the environmental, social, and economic viability of the previous research and the benefits and challenges that selected previous work may present.


Each RGR proposal must include a team made up of producers, ag professionals, and possibly researchers. Representatives from land grant Universities, NGOs, agency employees, or producers may lead the project.


Research to Grass Roots Grant funds may NOT be used for the following purposes:

  • Capital Equipment purchases: Defined as a single, autonomous piece of equipment that costs $5,000 or more and has a useful life of more than one year. Minor equipment under $5,000 is allowed – please include as a supply cost.

  • Starting or expanding a farm or farm operation.

  • Major renovations/permanent improvements to a farm or ranch, such as constructing or remodeling a building.

  • Repair and maintenance of existing equipment/infrastructure. Providing meals during events that are not necessary to maintain the continuity of a scheduled meeting; breakfasts and dinners typically do not qualify.

  • Testing of commercial products.

  • Student tuition and fees Additionally, matching funds are not required or requested of Western SARE grant recipients. Please do NOT include matching funds in your budget or justification.

Application Instructions

Proposals are submitted online at:

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Release Date

May 3, 2024

Financial Instrument


Maximum Award Amount


Updated March 27, 2024

Image Credit: USDA NRCS Montana

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