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Vermont Working Lands Service Provider Grants

Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Initiative

Closed October 16, 2023

Service Provider Grant projects will include the provision of direct and indirect services to support the development of Vermont-based working lands businesses through technical assistance and other forms of support, which may cover topic(s) such as:

  • Market development, marketing plans, and sales;

  • Business and financial planning;

  • Business responses to COVID-19;

  • Enterprise transitions for next generation business owners and post succession;

  • Access to capital;

  • Manufacturing efficiencies or process flow;

  • Business research and development

  • Workforce development, professional engagement training;

  • Import substitution, assistance to businesses emphasizing or exploring Vermont production to fill in or address gaps (packaging, ingredients, etc.) along forest and agriculture supply chains.

For further context about the history of service providers and the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative, please see the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative Service Provider Educational Paper.


Service provider organizations must be based in Vermont and registered with the Secretary of State at the time of application submission. All structures are eligible (e.g., Partnerships, Limited Liability Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, Cooperatives, Corporations, S Corporations, L3Cs, B Corporations, and/or non-profits that are involved in the support of production of agriculture and/or forest products). Applicants must be in compliance with all state regulations (i.e., water quality, taxes, child support) and in good standing with the State of Vermont at the time of applying and must remain so during the entire grant period.

Previous recipients of Working Lands Service Provider Grants are eligible to re-apply for funding during Fiscal Year 2023. Previous grantees who are applying again must explain how this project builds on previous work or is a separate project, as well as report on the results of previously funded projects and 4 demonstrate how continued funding will be used to grow or improve the program. Services must be provided to a new cohort of businesses for each funding period. For optional further context about the history of service providers and the Working Lands Enterprise Board, please see WLEI's educational paper on this topic.

Application Instructions

  1. Review the full FY 2023 WLEI Service Provider Grant Request for Applications for the complete details on eligible projects/applicants and the full application process.

  2. Register in WebGrants (may take up to two business days).

  3. Visit the Working Lands application frequently asked questions for resources and to get support on your application. The applicant webinar is also available to view for an overview of the application process.  

  4. Complete your application in WebGrants using the Application Guide

Updated March 22, 2024

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