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Vermont Farm Fund Emergeny Loan


Started in response to the devastation our Vermont farms suffered at the hands of Tropical Storm Irene, the VFF seeks to minimize the hurdles to secure a loan and receive funds to begin the recovery process. The maximum Emergency Loan amount is currently $10,000. This is a zero percent interest loan, payable over 24 months with a flexible payment schedule.

Examples of qualifying emergencies include loss of the below due to fire, flood, wind, drought and/or hail:

  • Buildings

  • Animals

  • Equipment

  • Greenhouses

  • Hay fields


Qualifying applicants must be Vermont farmers or food producers who have suffered a devastating loss due to an unexpected natural disaster that puts their farm or farming career in danger. 

Businesses should be in otherwise good financial health, save for the unexpected natural disaster. The loan should help put the business back on track to profitability.

Cash shortfalls due to equipment failure, unanticipated business situations and/or insufficient cash flow not caused by nature do not qualify as emergencies for the sake of the loan.


Applications are reviewed and responded to within 10 business days. Most loan funds are granted within 14 business days.


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Updated October 8, 2021

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