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Vermont Pasture and Surface Water Fencing Program (PSWF)

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

The Pasture and Surface Water Fencing (PSWF) Program provides pasture management technical assistance and financial assistance to Vermont farmers to improve water quality and on-farm livestock exclusion from surface waters statewide.

Eligible Practices

  • Fence 

  • Livestock Pipeline

  • Water Source Development 

  • Watering Facility 

  • Improved Permanent Water Area 

  • Stream Crossing 

  • Electric Fence Chargers 

  • Trails & Walkways



  • Be a Vermont farm as defined in the Required Agricultural Practices

  • Manage pastureland where water quality will benefit from implementation of improved pasture management and eligible and/or necessary conservation practices

  • Have ownership or land control for the lifespan of the practice (10 years)

  • Have an insurance policy that allows for the State and its employees and officers to be listed as additional insured


  • The Pasture and Surface Water Fencing (PSWF) Program provides no-cost pasture management technical assistance from experienced grazing specialists

  • PSWF also provides financial assistance that reimburses 90% of the cost to install infrastructure that will improve pasture management, up to the farm’s grant amount.

    • Maximum grant amount when the project has livestock exclusion from surface waters is $15,000 per farm.

    • Maximum grant amount when there is no livestock exclusion from surface waters, but where rotational grazing will be implemented or improved is $10,000 per farm. Rotational grazing requires at minimum moving livestock at least twice per week.

Application Instructions

All applications are received on a rolling basis. 

The PSWF Application requires the following information:

  • Farm Contact Information

  • of acres

  • of livestock and livestock type

  • Practices proposed or interested in learning more about

  • If applicable, partners or other organizations you are working with on the project

Prior to applying, please read the important information below:

  • Submitting an application does not ensure an award.

  • Grant agreements must be in place prior to the start of construction.

  • Farmer is responsible for financing the project during construction and will only receive reimbursement upon certified project completion.

  • Final cost share payment is determined by actual project costs as documented by itemized invoices.

  • Farmer’s equipment and labor costs are eligible for reimbursement.


Financial Instrument

Grant, Cost Share

Maximum Award Amount


Updated April 5, 2024

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