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The Good Acre Local Emergency Assistance Farmer Fund (GA-LEAFF)

The Good Acre

Closed February 1, 2024

Created to empower emerging farmers with enhanced market access opportunities, our LEAFF program provides participants with the technical support needed to prepare for wholesale production. The produce purchased through LEAFF is then donated to hunger relief organizations serving the Twin Cities and beyond.


Any farmers who fall into the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s definition of an emerging farmer (PDF). Applications to the LEAFF program are open to all emerging farmers. The number of participants is dependent on program funding. 

Acceptance into LEAFF will be determined through a lottery system for completed applications that illustrate:

  • A demonstrated plan for growing produce

  • Prior experience or training in Minnesota for produce farming

  • Experience with marketing or growing according to quality standards

  • Ability to respond to communication and show up to meetings when required

  • Ability to meet the logistical requirements of delivery time, invoicing, and weekly quantity limits

  • Understanding of the LEAFF tiered system and willingness to grow with The Good Acre


If accepted into the program, the quantity of produce we will purchase from you depends on your assigned tier for the 2024 season:

  • Tier 1: We will procure up to $5,000, with a weekly delivery cap not exceeding $500.

  • Tier 2: We will procure up to $7,500, with a weekly delivery cap not exceeding $750.

  • Tier 3: This tier is applicable to all farmers with growing contracts at The Good Acre. LEAFF funds will amount to 10% of your total contracted value for the 2024 season. These funds offer a form of insurance and are designed to be flexible. If a contracted farmer faces crop failure or is unable to fulfill a contracted item for any reason, they can maintain overall contract revenue and swap crops, mitigating excess in other crops on their farms.



February 1, 2024


The Good Acre

Financial Instrument


Updated April 23, 2024

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