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Greg Steltenpohl Pragmatic Visionary Award

Community Foundation Sonoma County

Closed January 15, 2024

The mission of the Greg Steltenpohl Pragmatic Visionary Award is to support early-stage entrepreneurs working to create a more positive, plant-centric food system.

The Greg Steltenpohl Pragmatic Visionary Award seeks to encourage and support innovators, entrepreneurs, and change makers building a more positive, plant-centric food system. With a $100,000 annual prize, the award celebrates vision in action and values manifested through businesses that generate personal, community, and planetary health. 


  • Be an established for-profit business or intend to use business as a means for change.

  • Operate in the broader food-system. Ventures at any stage of the supply-chain are welcome, this not limited to consumer-facing products.

  • Be plant-centric. Companies need not explicitly identify as a vegan or plant-based, though a more plant-centric food system should be a result of their work.

  • Be early-stage. The award committee will seek to support ventures for which $100,000 will be of material difference to the team’s success.


Applications will be evaluated using the following four core values:

  • Systems Entrepreneurship: A holistic understanding of the food system that leads to purposeful engagement with one or any number of interconnected issues of the food system such as personal well-being, environmental health, equity and access, inherent at the core of the enterprise and its design.

  • Pragmatic Vision: The ability to define a more positive future while maintaining a bias for action; recognition that positive transformation is an ongoing process free from perfection.

  • Ethical Leadership: A values driven mindset that benefits a broad and diverse group of stakeholders (consumers, employees, producers, mission participants) particularly in the areas of diversity, inclusion, justice, and security.

  • Creative Transformation: Working to evolve commerce and culture from ego-centric to community and eco-centric organization.

Application Instructions

Please follow these steps to submit your application:

  1. Create a PDF slide deck that includes the following:

    1. A clear articulation of the company mission, vision, the problem they address and solution they offer

    2. Bios of team leader(s)

    3. An abbreviated business plan covering at least 1 year

    4. Details of how the grant money will be used and the impact that will create

  2. Email with the following information:

    1. Subject name should be as follow: “APPLICATION: Project or team lead last name, date (MM.DD.YY)”

    2. Attach the PDF file to the email

    3. Include your contact info in the body of the email and PDF attachment




January 15, 2024

Financial Instrument


Minimum Award Amount


Maximum Award Amount


Total Program Funding


Updated March 26, 2024

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