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Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee Research & Marketing Program

Montana Department of Agriculture

Closed April 4, 2022


The Alfalfa Seed Program is administered by the department under the Alfalfa Seed Industry Act (Montana Code Annotated 80-11-3). The Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee provides direction for research and marketing toward the continued growth of the alfalfa seed industry of Montana. The program is administered by the department's Agricultural Development Division.



Proposals for funding will be accepted from:

  • Public and private agencies and organizations

  • Business and industry

  • Educational institutions

  • Local governments

  • Individuals

If two or more individuals or organizations propose to conduct a project jointly, they should submit one application as co-applicants. Applicants must demonstrate a proven ability to carry out all elements of the proposed project. In addition, applicants proposing to rely upon the expertise of another individual or organization to undertake any part of the project must clearly define the responsibilities of that party as well as provide evidence of their willingness and demonstrated ability to undertake that area of responsibility.


Eligible projects are as follows:

  • Conducting research programs to:

    • improve the quality of alfalfa seed

    • develop and improve control measures for disease and pests which attack alfalfa and alfalfa seed pollinators (i.e. Alfalfa Leaf Cutter Bees)

    • improve alfalfa growing culture

    • other research projects designed to improve the Alfalfa Seed industry

  • Disseminating current and new research information

  • Developing the Alfalfa Seed Industry markets, including:

    • conducting market assessments

    • planning and conducting publicity and sales promotion campaigns, including media development and trade show exhibition.

  • Education


Complete Request For Proposals can be read here.

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April 4, 2022


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