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John May Farm Safety Fund

New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health

The John May Farm Safety Fund has been established for New York farmers needing financial help to improve work-related safety on their farms.


Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for receiving funds under this program: 

  • Resident of New York State

  • Active farmer (part or full-time)

  • Operate a non-dairy farm with annual gross cash farm income between $10,000 and $350,000, or operate a dairy farm with fewer than 1,000 milking cows


  • Applications to the program may be submitted at any time. The number of awards and the award amount will be determined by NYCAMH on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Awards may not exceed 50% of the estimated total cost of the project, with a maximum award amount of $5,000.

  • For applicants being considered for an award, a site visit will be conducted by one of NYCAMH’s farm safety staff. As part of the site visit documentation, NYCAMH staff will take photographs, which may also be used in our media and promotion. During the pre-project visit, farm safety staff will recommend whether a post-project visit will be necessary or the review of before-and-after photographs will be sufficient to determine completion. However, NYCAMH reserves the right to schedule a post-project visit if photos are deemed insufficient.

  • Applicants will not be reimbursed for any project expenses incurred before the project is approved by NYCAMH.

  • Funds will be awarded with the stipulation that the project must be completed within one year ofaward notification, unless an extension has been requested and approved. Proof of completion must be submitted within one year after signing the funding agreement.

  • After project completion, the award recipient is required to (a) contact a NYCAMH farm safety staff member to schedule a post-project site visit OR, if deemed appropriate, submit photographs of the completed work AND (b) submit an evaluation and expenditure summary form, along with copies of paid receipts. After reviewing the submitted documentation, NYCAMH will send the full award to the recipient.

  • NYCAMH staff will take photographs to document pre- and post-site visits and for promotion purposes. Written and verbal testimonials may also be used for promotional purposes.

Application Instructions

Apply with the following steps:

  • Complete Application Form. (Below)

  • Provide written consent of building/business owner, if not the applicant.

  • Sign/date the application’s Letter of Agreement.

  • Provide detailed estimates of the project costs (do not have to be prepared by a professional).

  • Submit by email, mail, or hand delivery to the appropriate address below:


Regular mail:

John May Farm Safety Fund

Attn: JMFSF Team

One Atwell Road

Cooperstown, NY 13326 

Hand delivery:


6160 State Highway 28

Fly Creek, NY 13337

Attn: JMSF Team


Financial Instrument

Cost Share

Updated March 22, 2024

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