Cover photo for Iowa Tribe Center for Excellence in Regenerative Native Agriculture (CERNA) Innovation Pilot Program

Iowa Tribe Center for Excellence in Regenerative Native Agriculture (CERNA) Innovation Pilot Program

Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

The Center for Excellence in Regenerative Native Agriculture Pilot Program plans to educate Native American participants on climate-smart practices, provide long lasting benefits to soil and water health through climate-smart practices, and expand markets for climate-smart commodities. The CERNA Project plans to provide each producer annual incentives and premium payments and a one-time financial assistance payment for the necessary education and training needed to implement climate-smart practices.

Additionally, CERNA plans to directly support farmers by purchasing 100 percent of all eligible climate-smart commodities produced under this project, which would hold the “Regenified” label under premium contracts.


As part of the program, CERNA will provide financial support to farmers who adopt regenerative agriculture practices. This support may include:

  • Direct payments for implementing climate-smart / regenerative agricultural practices

  • Technical assistance and ongoing farm management support

  • Educational workshops, and

  • Regenerative certifications by Regenified for certified and eligible farms and commodities.

Application Instructions

To find out more information about how your farm can join the program, please complete the enrollment form at the bottom of the page here.


Financial Instrument


Total Program Funding


Updated December 21, 2023

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