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Improving Access to Grazing Resources for Native American Farmers and Ranchers

Farm Journal Agricultural Foundation,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Native American farmers and ranchers would receive technical assistance and education, and at least $1 million in direct payments to support the adoption of climate-smart practices like rotational grazing and planting of native grasses. Partners plan to assist participants with validating greenhouse gas emission reductions and marketing climate-smart commodities, including creating marketable emission offsets or credits.



Native American producers raising a herd of beef cattle as their primary form of business income. Both small-scale producers and large-scale producers are welcome and encouraged to apply.


Benefits for participating beef producers will include:

  • $1 million total in direct funding available to support up to 100 producers who implement new grazing practices and/or expand their use of traditional grazing practices Native American producers have used for generations

  • Training and technical assistance for implementation and/or expansion of grazing practices

  • Expanded market access for beef raised by Native Americans via the American Indian Foods (AIF) trademark label developed by the Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC)

  • Improved access to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) conservation programs

Producer enrollment is anticipated to begin in fall 2023. Your participation in the project will last for three years.

Application Instructions

Fill out the interest survey below to get started. Farm Journal Foundation and IAC will help you enroll. Once you are enrolled, you will have access to technical assistance and training resources. As you successfully implement new practices and/or expand existing ones per the terms of the project, you will be eligible for the direct payments and future beef market access.



Release Date

September 1, 2023

Financial Instrument


Total Program Funding


Updated December 21, 2023

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