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Iowa Incentive Payments for Conservation Practices

Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

The state of Iowa allocates funds to local soil and water conservation districts, where commissioners set priorities for their use, and field office staff assure the technical quality of practices built. Iowa farmers interested in improving their land's soil and water health can apply to receive cost shares for temporary or permanent conservation practices.

By investing in soil conservation, you receive the best of both worlds: you improve the productivity of your farm and keep sediment out of the water. The work you do on your farm permanently benefits the quality of life in Iowa.

Temporary practices


Strip till


Field Borders

Cover Crops

Ridge till

Critical Area Planting

Contour strip cropping

Filter strips

Permanent practices


Grade stabilization structures

Grass strips

Pasture and Hay land planting



Grassed waterways

Tree planting

Conservation cover


  • Financial incentive funds are available for use on privately owned land used for agricultural production. “Agricultural production” means the commercial production of food or fiber. 

  • Tracts of land used for agricultural production which are less than ten acres in size and from which less than $2500 of agricultural products are sold annually may not qualify for funds.


As an applicant in a financial incentive program, you agree to become a District Cooperator. As such, the District will provide to you technical assistance in planning, applying, and maintaining soil conservation and water management practices on a tract of land. In addition, authorization is granted to District representatives for ingress and egress upon the land.

Application Instructions

To apply, contact your local IDALS office using this map.

Or, apply directly online from this portal.

Updated March 22, 2024

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