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Hispanic Climate-Smart Commodities Initiative

Victus Puerto Rico,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

This project plans to work with Puerto Rico and Florida Hispanic pasture and forage farmers to diversify and increase production while managing climate-smart farming methods and quantifying environmental outcomes. Project partners would address cultural and language barriers to provide technical assistance for implementing practices and marketing their beef in new revenue streams. Farmers with under 100 acres under management would be offered a higher flat fee per year.


In the short term, producers benefit through a financial incentive that will be provided for implementing climate-smart practices. The benefits are as follows:

  • Under 250 Acres - $2,000 per year

  • Over 250 Acres - $3,000 per year

  • Over 500 Acres - $5,000 per year 

In the long-term, participants will benefit from the identified markets that they can access as a result of implementation of these new practices. For instance, carbon markets could be available to producers, among numerous others that benefit participants' agribusiness.

Application Instructions

What to expect:

  1. Conduct a farm assessment with an outreach specialist

  2. Participate in one of the meetings or workshops

  3. Implement Climate-Smart practices and get continued support

  4. Receive an incentive for participation and they will work with participants to identify new markets

If you're interested in the program, contact Victus Puerto Rico here.


Financial Instrument


Total Program Funding


Updated December 21, 2023

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