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Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI)

U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Natural Resources Conservation Service

Due May 26, 2024

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) delivers conservation solutions so agricultural producers can protect natural resources and feed a growing world. NRCS provides leadership and funding to ensure that all programs and services are made accessible to all customers, fairly and equitably, with emphasis on reaching historically underserved farmers and ranchers and Native American tribal governments and organizations. NRCS is committed to advancing equity, justice, and equal opportunity to ensure equitable access to programs and services available on private agricultural and forest lands.

The goal of this funding opportunity is for NRCS, in collaboration with a diverse set of partners, including historically underserved farmers and ranchers and their organizations, to expand the delivery of conservation technical assistance to support grazing planning and conservation practice implementation and monitoring, conferences and other education, demonstrations, producer networks, workforce training, research and outreach projects to improve agricultural resilience. The anticipated amount for cooperative agreements under this NFO is approximately $22 million in fiscal year (FY) 2024.  



Applicants and applications must meet eligibility criteria by the application deadline to be considered for award. Eligible applicant type is determined by the implementing program statute. Applicant entities identified in the exclusions database as ineligible, prohibited/restricted, or excluded from receiving Federal contracts and certain Federal assistance and benefits will not be considered for Federal funding, as applicable to the funding being requested under this Federal program (2 CFR 200.206(d)). Neither foreign entities nor individuals are eligible to apply for this opportunity.


Application Instructions

Grant Overview and Application Portal

While a account is not required to download an NFO and related documents, it is required to submit an application. If your organization has never submitted an application via, please be aware that there are several steps you must take to register your organization before you can submit an application. Completing those steps can take a significant amount of time, plan accordingly.

Register to Apply through

Applicants should read the registration instructions carefully and prepare the information requested before beginning the registration process. Reviewing and assembling the required information before beginning the registration process will alleviate last-minute searches for required information.

For assistance with the registration process, contact Applicant Support, available 24/7, at 1-800-518-4726 or 


Release Date

March 27, 2024


May 26, 2024

Financial Instrument


Minimum Award Amount


Maximum Award Amount


Total Program Funding


Updated April 13, 2024

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