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Connecticut Farmland Restoration Program (RPR)

Connecticut Department of Agriculture

Closed January 15, 2021

The Farmland Restoration Program (FLRP), made possible by Public Act 11-1, is a voluntary program with a main objective of increasing food and fiber production in Connecticut through restoring lands into active agricultural production.  FLRP focuses on restoring and improving land with prime and important farmland soils, in accordance with a Farmland Restoration Program Plan (FLRP Plan).


Owners and tenants/lessees/permittees, with owner(s) approval, of Connecticut farmland are eligible for the program.


A 50% match for the total project must be provided by the applicant. The match can be cash, in-kind services, or a combination of the two.

The grant will be provided after the project is successfully completed, a final financial report (and forms) outlining all expenses associated with the project have been received and approved, and a final project report has been received and approved.

Application Instructions

Submit your completed Application to prior to the deadline.

Application Process:

  1. A farmer may apply to the program voluntarily, by completing the FLRP application.

  2. Applicant should review program ‘Checklist for application to FLRP’ to assure application is complete and in order for consideration.

  3. Applicant with an existing NRCS conservation plan which addresses the farmland restoration should include a copy of approved plan/contract with the application.

  4. The application will also include site map, soils map (available from the USDA Web Soil Survey or another source which disseminates the official USDA soils information) and photos of the area to be restored, conservation/restoration practices, and price estimates of the work to be conducted.

  5. Submitted FLRP Application is evaluated according to program criteria. If the application meets acceptable criteria, the Commissioner may accept and approve the application.

  6. Upon application approval, NCCD will be asked to prepare a FLRP Plan, or the applicant may contact NRCS to prepare a conservation plan which will include a plan for the farmland restoration area. Upon review of the FLRP plan or the NRCS conservation plan a letter will be sent from the Commissioner to the applicant notifying them of application approval.

  7. All conservation plans must address the farmland restoration plan area. These plans and the specific conservation / restoration practices and activities are then approved by the Commissioner and FLRP funding can be requested.

  8. A State of Connecticut contract must be completed by you and approved by us prior to any work being performed

  9. All federal, state and local permits and any fees are the responsibility of the applicant.

  10. The project work may then be initiated and completed.

  11. Upon completion, all required documentation including a detailed performance log, project payment receipts, and a completion affidavit (see ‘Checklist for disbursement of FLRP funds) must be submitted. Once a final site inspection verifying the project has been completed in accordance with the plan, a FLRP payment request can be processed.

  12. There is no advancement of funds under this grant program. Payment check can only be requested and processed for disbursement once project certified as complete with all required documentation.



January 15, 2021

Financial Instrument


Maximum Award Amount


Total Program Funding


Updated March 22, 2024

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