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Farmer Veteran Coalition Fellowship Fund

Farmer Veteran Coalition

Closed February 14, 2021


The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund is a small grant program that provides direct assistance to veterans who are in their beginning years of farming or ranching. The Fellowship Fund does not give money directly to the veteran, but rather to third-party vendors for items the veteran has identified will make a crucial difference in the launch of their farm business. Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000, and nearly $3 million has been awarded to veterans since 2011.


  • Veterans of any branch of the U.S. Military from all service eras-including those currently serving

  • Those who received a characterization of service of ‘Honorable’ upon discharge

  • Must have an agricultural business in operation and a functional business plan

  • Must be willing to fully participate in the Fellowship Program, which includes periodic progress reports, mentoring other farmer veterans and a desire to make a positive impact on the farmer veteran community

Do I have to be an FVC member to apply for the Fellowship?

Yes, you must be an FVC member to be eligible for a Fellowship award. If you aren’t a member yet, join here:

If I’m still serving, can I apply?

Yes, veterans from all military branches and service eras as well as those currently serving are eligible to apply. For those still serving, you will need a letter from command as proof of service.

I received an award in a previous year, can I apply again?

Previous Fellowship recipients are NOT eligible to re-apply. However, if you have received a Tractor Supply Gift card the previous year, you may still apply for this grant.


Farmer veterans who are selected as Fellowship recipients have six (6) months to use their award as outlined in their application or risk losing it to another deserving farmer veteran.

Upon notification of their award, Fellowship recipients may begin seeking out third-party vendors to make their purchase. All third-party vendors must be approved by the Fellowship Fund manager prior to purchase.

After an approved third-party vendor has been selected, the Fellowship Fund manager makes the payment on the farmer veteran’s behalf.


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