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Expanding Agroforestry Production and Markets - Lower Midwest

The Nature Conservancy,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Closed December 15, 2023

This project will build climate-smart markets and increase capital investments in tree planting that will increase the supply of agroforestry commodities utilizing a network of leaders in forestry. This will work directly with manufacturers and retailers to connect potential buyers with producers (including underserved producers).

Project plans to provide 95 percent cost-share to participating underserved producers implanting climate-smart practices. Partners also aim to work with trade organization to develop certification standards for an “agroforestry-producers” label which will bring a price premium to producers.

The project plans to utilize the USDA’s COMET-Planner tool to estimate GHG reductions for the proposed agroforestry project. All data collected during the project are planned to be stored in Propagate’s Overyield platform, providing producers and TSPs access to all data required for GHG benefit verification.  Verra’s Afforestation/Reforestation of Agricultural Lands methodology will also used for verification of GHG benefits for producers seeking to sell carbon credits on the voluntary market.

The project aims to help negotiate contracts with commercial buyers for the harvested produce or timber and profit-sharing agreements with investors and producers and plans to work with trade organizations to develop certification standards for an “agroforestry-produced” label, for which consumers and manufacturers will be willing to pay a price premium. The project’s qualification process plans to prioritize underserved and small producers and provide 95% cost-share for implementation for underserved producers.


To be in this program, you must be willing to do required paperwork for USDA and to enter into an agreement with The Nature Conservancy. We have program staff who will help you navigate the required forms below.

  1. FSA number (and assigned Farm, Tract, & Field IDs)

  2. Approved CPA-52

  3. Form AD-2047

  4. Form CCC-902

  5. Form AD-1026

  6. Certification that applicant is not a foreign person or entity

  7. Subsidiary print form

  8. registration

  9. Incentive Payment Producer Survey

  10. Certificate of Insurance Form

  11. Conflict of Interest form (with The Nature Conservancy)

  12. W-9

  13. ACH Form (required only if opting for preferred electronic payment processing)

Producers must also:

  • Be in an eligible state

  • Follow NRCS Practice Standards for Alley Cropping, Silvopasture, and/or Windbreaks

  • Need to own the land or be in control of the acreage via lease through 2028

  • have at least 5 acres to enroll


The EAP Incentive Payment Program is piloting two different structures of incentive payments.

Category 1:

  • Per-Tree Installation Costs Incentive: Enrolled producers receive a Per-Tree Installation Costs Incentive Payment (average $30/tree).

  • Transition Incentive: PLUS, a Per-Acre Transition Incentive of $450/acre paid out in three installments.

Category 2

  • Installation Costs: Are paid by third-party financing or other funding source options.

  • Transition Incentive: Enrolled producers for Category 2 receive the Per-Acre Transition Incentive of $450/acre paid out in three installments.

Producers must follow NRCS Conservation Practice Standards for installing alley cropping, silvopasture, and windbreaks. The incentive payments may be used to cover the best management practices recommended to ensure survivorship for the newly planted trees and shrubs.

Application Instructions

Fill out the application here. Each region has 2-3 enrollment cycles a year. Producers typically get a response on their application within 3-4 months after submitting their application.


Release Date

November 15, 2023


December 15, 2023

Financial Instrument


Total Program Funding


Updated March 16, 2024

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