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Delaware Section 319 Grants

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

Closed March 1, 2024

The Delaware Nonpoint Source Program administers a competitive grant program made possible through Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. The grant provides funding for projects designed to reduce nonpoint source (NPS) pollution in Delaware.

Nonpoint source pollution is any pollution that originates from a diffuse source (such as an open field or a road) and is transported to surface or ground waters through leaching or runoff.

A good way to reduce nonpoint source pollution is to incorporate specific best management practices (BMPs) into project workplans. Projects may target any source of NPS pollution, but most frequently involve agriculture, silviculture, construction, marinas, septic systems, and hydromodification activities.

Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 319 grants are awarded to the state based on the federal fiscal year (October through September). A request for proposals for each awarded fiscal year grant is posted, and advertised, in December of each calendar year and/or at the NPS Program’s discretion.


Project can be sponsored by public or private entities, including local governments, tribal authorities, cities, counties, regional development centers, local school systems, colleges and universities, local nonprofit organizations, state agencies, federal agencies, watershed groups, for-profit groups, and individuals. Project grants to individuals are limited to demonstration projects.

Priority will be given to those projects whose goal is to improve the water quality of water bodies identified as having nonpoint source pollution impairments and implemented in those watersheds that have approved watershed management plans.


Proposals are reviewed and evaluated, and those which are determined to meet specific requirements are eligible for funding. All projects must include matching funding from a non-Federal source totaling at least 40% of the federal grant funds requested.

Application Instructions

An electronic copy of the application and supporting materials in Microsoft Word format must be submitted to the NPS Program. All applications must be completed on the appropriate form which can be found below.

Email the proposal to the attention of Ben Coverdale & Ashley Barnett at with the subject "FY23 Nonpoint Source Section 319 Grant Proposal"

Updated March 26, 2024

Image Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture

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