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Delaware Poultry Loan Program

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

The State Revolving Fund (SRF) Agricultural Nonpoint Source (AgNPSLP) Loan Program provides a source of low interest financing for managing poultry manure, dead poultry, and other sources of poultry related pollution in an environmentally sound and cost effective manner.

These loans help poultry farmers implement best management practices on their farms to reduce the potential for pollution from their farming operations. This program is managed jointly by the DNREC’s Environmental Finance, Division of Watershed Stewardship, and the state’s Conservation Districts. Financing is available at an interest rate of 3 percent, for 1 to 7 years, with a minimum loan of $1,000 and a maximum loan of $60,000.



Eligible Practices:

  • Construction of poultry manure storage structures.

  • Construction of dead-bird composters.

  • Purchase of a front-end loader or bucket attachment for use in dead-bird composting.

  • Purchase of a calibrated spinner manure spreader.

  • Purchase of nutrient reduction equipment.

  • Purchase of precision farming equipment as part of a precision farming system.

  • Purchase of composting equipment for on-farm composting of poultry litter and dead-bird carcasses.

Eligible Applicants:

Any producer applying for an AgNPS loan must be obligated under a grower contract with of the following poultry integrators companies that has a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to participate in the AgNPS loan program: Allen Harim LLC, Amick, Inc., Mountaire Farms of Delmarva, Inc., or Perdue Farms, Inc.

Application Instructions

Interested producers should contact the DNREC Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution Program or their local Conservation District office to apply for funding.

Updated March 22, 2024

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