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Delaware Nutrient Management Relocation Program

Delaware Department of Agriculture


The Nutrient Management Relocation Program is a cost assistance program designed to assist in transporting nutrients (manure) from areas of excess, to areas in need of nutrients. Many farms are dealing with excess manure, namely poultry litter, and need to export the manure in order to balance crop nutrient demands. The Delaware Nutrient Management Program provides financial assistance for the cost of Delaware manure to alternative use projects or farms in need of nutrients.


Any farmer, person or business can apply for assistance as long as they take responsibility for meeting transport standards and follow the Relocation Program Guidelines.


Individuals and businesses must complete Form W-9 prior to applying for cost-assistance. Complete this form ONLY if you are applying for cost assistance for the first time or updating your contact information (e.g. address, phone number, direct deposit/ACH, etc.).


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Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDoA)

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Updated September 28, 2021

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