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Colorado Boulder County Sustainable Food and Agricultural Grant Program

Boulder County Department of the Environment

Closed January 5, 2023

Boulder County invites farmers, agricultural producers, the private sector, and non-profit organizations to apply for one-time capital grant funding to undertake environmental sustainability projects that benefit Boulder County’s food system and agricultural lands.

This funding opportunity will be provided to those who wish to use it in five broad local food and agriculture areas:

  1. On-farm regenerative agriculture and soil health practices;

  2. Farmer/producer education, conferences, and workshops that focus on sustainable and regenerative agriculture demonstrations;

  3. On-farm and farmer’s market infrastructure;

  4. Sustainable local food and crop production;

  5. Programmatic and resource support for frontline farm workers and organizations.


  • Boulder County’s Sustainable Food and Agriculture Funding 2023 is open to Boulder County farmers, local agricultural tenants, farmers markets, non-profits and private sector entities.

  • Projects must follow all federal, state/local land use regulations and permit requirements.

  • Project applicants must be registered as a business, an official non-profit organization, or a governmental entity.

  • Projects must also be based within Boulder County boundaries.

  • If you have received a grant award from the Boulder County Sustainable Food and Agriculture Fund in the past, you must wait two years to be eligible for funding again.


For the 2023 grant round, there will be two funding levels you can apply to. The rules, objectives, and reporting requirements are the same for both the small and large budget levels. 

Small Budget Funding Level

Maximum of $5,000 can be applied for and minimum is $2,000. These applications will be scored separately from the large budget funding level. The total small budget funding is $25,000 pending BOCC approval. 

Large Budget Funding Level

Maximum of $150,000 can be applied for and minimum is $40,000. Any infrastructure project over $75,000 must benefit multiple farmers. The total large budget funding is $380,000 pending approval. 

Application Instructions

Apply online at the form at the bottom of the grant information page.


Release Date

December 2, 2022


January 5, 2023

Financial Instrument


Minimum Award Amount


Maximum Award Amount


Total Program Funding


Updated March 18, 2024

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