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Climate-Smart Commodities for Idaho

Regents of the University of Idaho,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

A Public-Private-Tribal Partnership

This project will build climate-smart markets and increase adoption of climate-smart practices on more than 100 farms in Idaho through the provision of financial and technical assistance to producers, with a focus on barley, beef, chickpea, potatoes, sugar, wheat, and hops. Project plans to direct 75 percent of funds to participant incentives for implementing a variety of practices including cover crops, no-till, biochar, cover crops with livestock grazing, interseeding of legumes and precision fertilizer application.

The measurement and monitoring system are planned to be based on field and laboratory measurements using a spatially nested design to facilitate scaling-up of project results. The Carbon Management Evaluation Tools (COMET-Farm) are planned to be utilized throughout the project to establish baselines; this project also plans to generate data from field measurements of GHG emissions that will be used to improve COMET and other models for use within the western U.S.

This project plans to focus on seven key commodities in Idaho with national and international markets: barley, beef, chickpea, potatoes, sugar, wheat, hops and specialty crops. At least 30% of enrolled producers are planned to be from underserved communities, including mostly veterans, women, and small producers.


Farmers and ranchers of Idaho's major commodities located anywhere in the state are eligible to apply.


Average program payments are estimated at $60 an acre dependent on the crop and practice involved. Some combinations of crops and practices will pay more or less.


Financial Instrument


Total Program Funding


Updated December 21, 2023

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