Cover photo for Contour Lines Tree Planting Grant

Contour Lines Tree Planting Grant

Contour Lines Corp

Contour Lines supports tree-planting projects worldwide. Depending on the project, Contour Lines may offer technical services, work models, or direct funding for trees, training or tools. Taken on a case by case basis, Contour Lines select projects for their potential to regenerate land at scale and on their capabilities and willpower to create impacts in line with their mission and vision.


  • Must be an organized community or association of at least 5 smallholder farming families.

  • Must have access to at least 1 acre (1/2 ha) of land per family, to plant these systems,

  • Must understand and support the Contour Lines Mission and Vision,

  • Must implement be willing and able to implement the required regenerative agriculture methods.

Application Instructions

Apply online using the form on this page.

Updated March 21, 2024

Image Credit: S. Widua

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