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California Healthy Soils Program

California Department of Food and Ag

Closed February 9, 2024

The Healthy Soils Program aims to increase statewide implementation of conservation management practices that improve soil health, sequester carbon and reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs). The Healthy Soils (HS) Demonstration Program funds on-farm demonstration projects that collect data, showcase conservation management practices and create a platform promoting widespread adoption of conservation management practices throughout the state.

Type A projects will demonstrate implementation of conservation management practices, measure field GHGs emissions, collect soil health data, and conduct analysis on cost/benefits for adoption of the proposed practice(s) and anticipated barriers.

Type B projects will demonstrate implementation of HSP conservation management practices, collect soil health data, and/or conduct analysis on cost/benefits for adoption of the proposed practice(s) and anticipated barriers.


  • Nonprofit entities, University Cooperative Extensions, Federal and University Experiment Stations, city and community colleges, Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs), California Native American Tribes, and farmers and ranchers in partnership with one of the aforementioned entities are eligible to apply.

  • Individuals are not eligible to apply. 

Application Instructions

CDFA uses an online application platform to accept applications. The application portal link can be accessed through the HS Demonstration Program website. Applicants must create a user account to submit a grant application. All applications, supporting documents, and submissions are subject to public disclosure, including posting on the CDFA website.


Release Date

January 22, 2024


February 9, 2024

Financial Instrument


Maximum Award Amount


Total Program Funding


Updated January 26, 2024

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