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Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund

California Certified Organic Farms

Receive financial assistance to help cover losses from natural disasters, personal hardship, or other unplanned emergencies.

The Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund has a long history of giving grants to organic producers recovering from natural disasters like wildfires or floods, unforeseeable life events, and other difficulties that can be challenging to any business. As climate change, the pandemic, and economic instability continues to impact farming communities, the Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund is part of an important support network helping organic businesses survive uncertain times.

The Fund is offering two programs this year:

Grants for Organic Producers

Receive financial assistance to help cover losses from natural disasters, personal hardship, or other unplanned emergencies.

Drought Relief Grants for Producers in California

CCOF has partnered with CDFA to administer drought relief grants to producers in California. These funds are reimbursement grants for expenses incurred as a result of drought.


Grants for Organic Producers applicants must:

  • Be a certified organic operation with a valid organic certificate from any third-party USDA-accredited certifier (CDFA registration alone is not sufficient)

  • Submit a complete and detailed description of hardship endured within the last 12 months 

  • Submit supporting financial documentation of economic loss (examples: Profit and Loss Statements from current and previous years, tax documentation such as Schedule F, etc.) 

  • Submit a final progress report one year after grant is awarded (for grant recipients only) 

  • Applying organic business must be in the United States 

  • Grant funds cannot be used for organic certification fees 

  • First-time applicants and underserved producers will be prioritized

Drought Relief Grants for Producers in California

California producers can apply to be reimbursed for expenses such as the below:

  • Increased electric utility bills of 50 percent or more due to increased electricity rates

  • Surface water costs if increased from year prior

  • Cost of hauling water for livestock

  • Lowering ag well pumps if a primary source of water is lost

  • Emergency upgrades to irrigation system (paired with conservation) if not covered through CDFA OEFI programs or USDA programs and for other emergency scenarios.

  • Decreased crop yields/crop loss due to less water available or having to fallow land

Expenses that are not covered:

  • Drilling a new well

  • Upgrading pump to a larger size which would draw more water

Producers are not eligible for this grant if they have received a CDFA CUSP economic relief grant from CAFF, ABIRC, CCOF, or the People’s Land Fund within the last 12 months. 

Application Instructions

Apply online to either program with CCOF's online application.



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Updated June 6, 2024

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