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A podcast hosted by Sarah Mock.
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A dilapidated farmhouse sitting precariously on the edge of an island

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Farmland isn’t something that always existed — it was created. And with it, the very notion of private property was born.

Advocates are sounding the alarm — we’re losing millions of acres of farmland, and it’s an existential threat to our food supply. How worried should we be?

Uncovering the mysteries of American farmland.

About the Podcast

The Only Thing That Lasts is a podcast series that explores the profound significance of land in the United States, revealing how it has been a driving force behind work, conflicts, and aspirations throughout history. Hosted by ag journalist Sarah Mock, the series takes listeners on a journey through the rich legacy of American agriculture, land ownership, and the potential role of farmland in addressing climate change. It also uncovers the deep emotional and historical ties that make the American countryside a source of enduring myths and motivations.

Hosted by Sarah Mock

“I was raised by rural people; I’ve experienced their virtues and their violence, and I believe they are exceptional. Rural communities are petri dishes of democracy, each one an experiment that could help us discover new, better ways for us to live together. I have no choice but to keep telling the stories of these communities, to add depth to misunderstandings and challenge misrepresentations, because America’s rural story is my own.”