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Building a Regenerative Ranching Economy in the West

Sustainable Northwest,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

This project will expand climate-smart markets for beef and implement climate-smart grazing practices in beef production for 120 operations across 13 states, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing market returns for participants. The project will use IPCC Tier 1 approach to estimating methane.

Also, will use N2O & methane from soil & manure, soil carbon density & look at remote sensing methods while grazing forages and crop residues. The project plans to track cattle through the supply chain.

A few partners will be engaged to provide climate-smart corn, wheat and other grain residue for finishing the cattle. The project will pay premium prices which will result in additional revenue to producers based on the climate-smart practices implemented to grow the beef cattle.

75% of participants are projected to be small to mid-sized family operations including 35 small producers & 700,000 acres managed by Tribal producers.


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Updated January 31, 2024

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