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Activating Food Hub Networks for Climate-Smart Agriculture and Rural Revitalization

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U.S. Department of Agriculture

This project promotes climate-smart agriculture practices among small and underserved producers, including tribal producers, principally by equipping food hubs to finance and advise on-farm climate-smart practice implementation and marketing to wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels. Participating farmers, who would receive technical assistance and training, would implement intensive rotational grazing; multispecies cover crops, crop rotation and reduced tillage/no-till; compost and biochar.



We are looking for farmers across North Carolina who are willing to commit to growing climate smart commodities and selling them locally. Participation in the program is outlined below: 

  • Collaborate with project staff in setting management goals and selecting appropriate climate-smart practices for the farm

  • Provide farm access to project staff for practice verification and soil testing

  • Agree to provide necessary farm information and documentation to project staff, including crop planning

  • Participate in workshops and other occasional programs related to climate-smart agriculture

  • Show interest in selling products to local food hubs or other new market channels created by the project

  • Acreage may not be enrolled in other USDA-funded programs that fund the same practices 

Application Instructions

Fill out the interest form here to participate in the program.


Financial Instrument


Total Program Funding


Updated December 21, 2023

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