The card that makes your farm money.

An example Ambrook Visa Commercial card supports tap-to-pay and floats over a blurred image of a greenhouse


The card that makes your farm money.

Give your staff credit cards to earn rewards and capture spend you can deduct at tax time. No more expense reports, receipts, or lending out cash.

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Bigger Deductions

Collect business expenses that are easy to miss with cash or personal cards.

Earn Rewards

Get cashback for things farmers actually use, unlike hotel and airline points.

Cut Costs

Find cost centers with realtime cashflow data, all in one place with your banks and credit.

Prevent Losses

Secure controls and customizable limits prevent unapproved staff spend.

Distribute Cards

See who purchases what. Never lend out cash or the company card again.

Save Time Accounting

Estimate tax writeoffs with easy bookkeeping throughout the year.

Several Ambrook cards from Spring Hill Farms in a collage


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ambrook is building an ecosystem of financial tools and services for agricultural producers. Ambrook cards and software are free to use. We make money by receiving a portion of the normal interchange fees that Visa charges merchants for accepting cards. In the future, Ambrook may offer loans and other financial services to agricultural producers to fill the gaps we've seen in the current farm finance landscape.

Yes! Call us at (303) 554-6845 or write to us on our contact page. You can even text us!

Whether you’ve never set foot on a field in your life or have years of experience and want to start your own operation, we would love to help. Read our help article about new operations or search our Funding Library for opportunities for Beginning Farmers.

No. Ambrook is a private company unaffiliated with the USDA or any of its sub-agencies, such as the Farm Service Agency (FSA) or the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). We stay on top of USDA newsletters, press releases, and websites to regularly update our free Funding Library and often speak with USDA agents through our work on behalf of farmers, so we know the agencies well and have a healthy working relationship.

In order to make good funding recommendations, we need information about what you produce, where you are, and what your funding goals are. We designed our funding recommendations survey to make the process easy! We know it’s a privilege to hear about your operation so we take the data privacy of our customers extremely seriously.

There are national programs available to anyone in the US or its territories, but some states and regions do have additional programs! Tell us about your location and operation for the most relevant recommendations.

No! We have built our services from the ground up with mobile phones and spotty internet in mind. You’ll need to have a connection to the internet to get started and check in, but we are building our services to work well offline.

Yes! The Ambrook iOS and Android apps are available now for private testing. Interested in giving it a try? Email us at

Yes! If you have experienced losses due to a natural disaster, apply for these programs as soon as you can, there is often only a small window of time after the disaster during which you are eligible for relief funding. The USDA has a tool to determine whether you are eligible for national disaster funds and Ambrook also maintains a list of national and state-specific disaster aid programs in our Funding Library.

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